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It is thought that the treatment blocks pain signals that indirectly block the development of migraine.

The treatment is used as a preventative treatment in chronic migraine. This means that rather than stop your headaches once they have started, it aims to reduce the number of days on which you can get headaches and improve the quality of life of patients suffering from chronic migraine.


Your treatment consists of a set of injections that you will have in a hospital or clinic.

If you are scared of needles or concerned about your treatment, please speak to a member of our staff. They will be able to reassure you and answer any questions you may have. They will also be able to tell you what could be done to help you relax during treatment.

Your medical professional will inject tiny amounts of botulinum toxin type A into the muscles around your shoulders, neck and head. Each session will need 31 injections and will take about 15 minutes.

If your headaches are worse in one particular area of your head, your medical professional may give you a few more (up to 8) injections in that area(s) where you have the most pain.You will only need to have this treatment once every 12 weeks. As with any type of injection, you may experience some discomfort during your treatment session, but this should not last for long.

Your doctor or nurse may ask you to stay at the clinic for a short time, to check that you are comfortable following your treatment. You may be asked to arrange your next appointment.

You may get some bumps on the skin at the places where you were injected, but these should disappear within a few hours. You should try not to rub the places where you have been injected for 24 hours after you receive your injections, in order to avoid infection.

Your medical professional will discuss with you which medicines or painkillers are best to use while you are being treated.

Like all medicines, Botox can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them. In general, side effects occur within the first few days following injection and last only for a short time. In rare cases, they may last for several months or longer. The side effects that have been reported following treatment with Botox are described in the Patient Information Leaflet that can be found at


Side effects related to the spread of toxin distant from the site of administration have been reported very rarely with botulinum toxin (eg. Exaggerated muscle weakness, difficulty in swallowing, food or liquid accidentally going in to the lungs and pneumonia).

You should contact your doctor immediately if you experience any of the following:

  • Difficulty in breathing, swallowing or speaking
  • Severe allergic reaction (hives, swelling including swelling of the face/ throat, wheezing, feeling faint and shortness of breath)

If you notice any side effects not listed in this booklet or the Patient Information Leaflet, please tell your medical professional.

Your medical professional will tell you when you need to return for an appointment so they can follow up your progress over the longer term.

They may arrange an appointment for you after a few months to see how you are getting on. Or they may tell you to book an appointment to see them when the effects of Botox start to wear off.

If you have any questions about your treatment, please ask you medical professional. Why not write down any questions you have beforehand to make sure that all your questions are answered.

The Patient Information Leaflet can probably answer most of your queries. The medical professional should give you a copy of this leaflet. Alternatively you can read it online at


Cloud Nine Clinic (for consultation and treatment)
12 Somerset Place,
Glasgow G3 7JT
Tel: 0141 433 0841

Migraine Action (for chronic migraine)
Helpline: 0116 275 8317

The Migraine Trust (for chronic migraine)
Helpline: 0207 462 6601

Botox Reviews
Aneta Hul

Glasgow (Botox)

I have been a customer at Cloud 9 for about 5 years now during which time i went for a number of various treatments. The staff at the clinic are extremly professional and friendly, very flexible to accomodate your appointments. They open late which is very convenient if you are 9-5 worker. The prices are pocket friendly without compromising the quality of services. Premises and equipment are always clean, the doctors are long standing, reliable staff that wont try to convince you to take unnecessary treatments but will always give reliable advice. Always pleasure to deal with, will be coming back again!


"Botox may be used as a preventative treatment for chronic migraine and aims to reduce the number of days on which you can get headaches and improve the quality of life of patients suffering from chronic migraine."

Cloud Nine Botox Glasgow